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Shockbox Helmet Impact Alert Sensor

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Product Description

As the level of competition in equestrian sports increases, riders, trainers and coaches must seek more innovative ways of protecting riders from injury.  Falls are frequently a part of recreational or competitive riding, regardless of age or skill level.  Quite often, however, it becomes difficult to assess which head impacts are more serious, resulting in a concussion.  When the Shockbox sensor is attached to a rider's helmet, it allows real-time assessment of head impact levels.  Shockbox helmet sensors are the resource you need to be proactive about concussions.  Shockbox sensors connect easily to most helmets, and are compatible with Apple, Android and BlackBerry products.

What is a Shockbox?

Shockbox helmet sensors were developed as a front line assessment device to warn parents, trainers and coaches when an impact during sports should be assessed for concussion.

Shockbox includes a feature to notify emergency contacts by SMS or email when a rider falls and is unresponsive.  The App will send GoogleMap GPS coordinates to emergency contacts stored in the App to enable responders to find a downed rider (requires 3G/LTE wireless plan and cell coverage for use).

Shockbox includes a mini SCAT (Sports Concussion Assessment Tool) to aid parents, coaches and trainers in recording rider symptoms and notes after an impact alert.  This feature is meant to be a record-keeping tool and not a substitute for physician assessment of concussion.  The Assessment module contains the following features:
*Rider observed and reported symptoms (checklist without grading score)
*Randomized Maddox and Cognitive Assessment questions
*Modified (sharpened) Romberg Balance Test

How does Shockbox work?

When attached to a helmet, Shockbox can assess the linear and rotational acceleration magnitude and direction of a hit that may result in a concussion.  Shockbox is designed to alert at a threshold of 20g (peak G linear acceleration) to the head by using algorithms to calculate helmet and head accelleration.  Based on research from Gwin et al, it was seen that 86% of impacts in football fall below the 50g threshold.  There is also a growing body of research indicating that concussions fall in a range between 70g-100g.

**DISCLAIMER: The Shockbox does not detect whether or not a concussion has occured.  It merely indicates the force of impact, and whether or not a rider should see a physician to be properly assessed for a concussion** 

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