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Teva emerged from quite comical circumstances. In the hopes of preventing sandals from floating downstream in the Grand Canyon, a river guide strapped two Velcro watchbands to a pair of old flip-flops. Ever since that day in 1984, the brand has not stopped growing and innovating.

Teva preaches the freedom to roam, and the desire to seek connection and adventures in all corners of the world. Inspired by diverging cultures, stories and people from different countries, the company is eager to support its clientele with footwear meant for the everyday as well as the epic.

With designers based in each corner of the world, Teva sandals are crafted with timeless signature straps and feature unique patterns. Since 2020, Teva has been using traceable, verifiable recycled plastic in order to leave a better world behind. This attention to the world of tomorrow and environmental protection is a reflection of Teva's Corporate Responsibility Program, which allows the business to carefully monitor their production's impact on its employees, on the planets, on communities and on customers.

Through giving back, Teva ensures a safer, greener future. This is why the company makes financial contributions to organizations such as Grand Canyon Conservancy, Camber Outdoors, Conservation Alliance and more.

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Teva Women's ZYMIC Sandal

The ZYMIC sandal is made from recycled EVA and RPET webbing, lightening this product's carbon footprint. In addition to being more sustainable, this sandal offers that much more stability for your feet thanks to its wider platform and puffier stras. This maximizes your comfortall while keeping the planet in mind!
Its eco-friendly features, modern styling and comfort level make the ZYMIC sandal the perfect companion.

Philosophy, Materials, and Production

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Teva ensures a greener, brighter future by supervising every step of its production.


Teva's ethos is to support all individuals who seek adventure, and to do so by offering them high quality products with a reduced carbon footprint.


Teva aims for a big impact by reducing its water usage as well as its packaging. In 2020, the company started making its iconic straps using 100% verifiable, recycled plastic, thus preventing over 40 million plastic bottles from reaching landfills.