How long do I have to return something?

We offer a No-Time Limit Guarantee on every single product we sell. That's a full refund on all products in new condition, with proof of purchase, or a store-credit or exchange without one, with no time-limits ever.

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If I have to ship it back, do I pay shipping?

In the rare event we have shipped you the wrong product or it is defective, we will be more than happy to pay for the shipping back to us. If however the product is being returned or exchanged due to improper fit, or the customer simply no longer wants the product, the shipping needs to be paid by the customer.

Do I get a full refund?

With reciept, we offer full refunds for the products' purchase price when the item is returned in the same condition it left the store. If you don’t have a receipt, you can still return the product for an exchange or store credit.

Blanket Exchanges, Returns and Warranty claims

Horse Blanket Exchanges and Returns: Just like you, our goal is to get your horse comfy in the right blanket. We strongly encourage you to try new blankets on your (clean) horse and take him or her for a controlled walk around to make sure everything sits just right before you decide to keep the blanket. If you're uncertain about the sizing or fit, please feel free to email us pictures and we will do our best to guide you. If you decide the blanket is not right for you or your horse, just send it back to us in brand new condition for an exchange or full refund on the purchase price. There is no time limit on horse blanket returns or exchanges, as long as they are in original condition.

Horse Blanket Warranty Claims: Horses are big, powerful, and sometimes goofy, which means they all have the potential to rip virtually any blanket. No horse blanket that we sell is warrantied against rips or other damage caused by horses. Sadly, when you're dealing with horses, the force required to rip a blanket may be applied on day 1, day 500 or never at all. Because it's beyond our abilities to protect the blanket after it leaves the store, we cannot replace or refund ripped blankets regardless of how long they were on the horse or how big/small the damage is. (Tip: If you put a new blanket on your horse, re-introduce him to his pasture mates slowly so they can smell him before they determine that he's just a new navy blue horse they need to put the run on.) Many horse blankets DO carry a limited warranty on waterproofing and manufacturing defects. Coverage varies from company to company and style to style, so if you're unsure please ask us and we'll let you know what the manufacturer's policy is on your blanket. If you believe your blanket is subject to a warranty claim, please email us the following:
1) Your name and phone number (so we can find the original receipt in our system)
2) A description of what is wrong with the blanket.
3) A clear picture of the code on the manufacturer's tag in the front of the blanket (let us know if you need help finding this)
4) A clear picture of the entire blanket (on the horse, on the floor, on the fence, etc.)
5) A clear picture of the defective area.