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Cavalor Supplements

You know, we know, and everybody knows: abs are made in the kitchen! Our horses are incredible athletes, and their nutrition is at the root of their performance. They give us their all and in return, it is our duty to make sure their nutritional needs are met. Well, Apple Saddlery boasts a large variety of supplements that can help you balance any deficiencies in your horse's diet not only to optimize their performance, but to better their overall health.

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Calming & Behavior

Stress and anxiety will not only impact your ride, but also your equine friend's whole body. Mitigate stress to maximize happiness!

Digestion & Gut Health

Health starts in the gut. Support your horse's digestive system for a healthy, happy life.

Vitamins & Minerals

Depending on your region, your horse's diet might require the addition of divergent vitamins and minerals for it to be whole.

Joint Health

Support your horse's joints, so your horse can support you.

Hoof Health

No hoof, well... no horse. Shop our wide array of hoof-focused supplements to ensure soundness and comfort.

Breathing & Lungs

Oxygenating a horse's full body requires quite the energy, and healthily functioning lungs are crucial for performance and health.

Overall Horse Health

Your horse's diet might just need the slightest "umphf" to be perfectly balanced!


Keep your horse on a meticulous deworming schedule to pulverize harmful parasites.

Feed & Water Buckets

Keep your horse's drinking and eating sanitary using durable buckets!

It goes without saying that our equine partners give us their all. As their caretakers and partners, it is our duty to make sure they thrive from the inside out.

DISCLAIMER: Please consult with your vet-dietician before adding supplements to your horse's feed.