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Apple Saddlery is a one-stop shop for all Horseback Riding Gear! Not only do we import the highest quality riding wear, but we support North American as well as local companies to offer you the biggest selection an equestrian could ever dream of.

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Paddock Boots

Paddock boots are the more versatile option when it comes to riding footwear. Shop them here!

Tall Riding Boots

Find well-crafted, reputable riding boots here.

Show Clothing

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Show Shirts

They might hide underneath the rest of our attire but this doesn't mean your show wardrobe should feature at least one quality shirt!

Show Jackets

A show jacket is at the forefront of the competitive equestrian. Make a statement with one of our top-tier show jackets.

Show Pants

White and beige don't have to be unflattering. Find well-designed and comfortable show pants here.