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Endorsed by none other than Charlotte Dujardin and Scott Bash (not to spend an entire afternoon listing off the countless esteemed riders who swear by this brand), Acavallo boasts an extensive performance record in the field of horse technical equipment. Their collection of products is entirely designed and fabricated in Italy to ensure its authenticity and quality. Their goal? Enhance athletic performance for both horse and rider by consistently launching innovative technologies that offer maximum comfort and protection. Their signature therapeutic gel is combined with high-tech materials to provide welfare, stability, and protection for you and your horse. Boasting numerous patents, Acavallo graced the market with seat savers, girths, horse boots and half pads before expanding its's innovation towards saddlery.

Main Categories

Jump Seat Savers

Limit trauma to the back and neck, and find overall balance and comfort thanks to Acavallo's therapeutic gel technology.

Memory Foam Half Pads

The perfect extra layer to make your horse that much more comfortable on your rides.

Gel Half Pads

Acavallo's shock absorbing technology is sure to provide your horse with back and wither relief.


Acavallo brings a sleek look to safety with their ergonomical stirrups.

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Western Seat Savers

With that great of a technological advancement, Acavallo really couldn't limit itself to the English world!

Half Pads With Sheepskin

In addition to the benefits of the therapeutic gel, the sheepskin added to this equation provides a generous amount of shock absorbtion.

Bits & Bridle Padding

Find that better connection, and increase your horse's comfort with Acavallo's anatomical bis and bridle paddings.

Dressage Seat Savers

Lightweight, the gel seat saver in no way affects the balance of the saddle and provides the rider with the necessary cushion to minimize impact.

Acavallo not only optimizes comfort for you, but also for your horse. Allow yourself to experience the wonders of this company's technological advances and notice significant changes in both your riding and your horse's movement.