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Founded in innovative Sweden by a medical doctor, Back on Track features an analgesic mineral textile known as Welltex®. The melted mineral powder contained in Back on Track products reflects Infrared Radiation, allowing for optimal blood flow and relief from muscle aches. Welltex® has proven its efficiency in products for humans, horses and dogs alike! From helmets to dog beds, Back on Track's product line continues to expand to cover every aspect of life where we and our four legged companions might need a boost!

Main Categories

Horse Blankets

Allow your horse's full body to benefit from Welltex technology by offering them a Back On Track rug!

Horse Boots

Keep your horse's legs tight and healthy using BOT's protective boots.

Saddle Pads

Combining attractive designs and comfort, Back On Track's line of saddle pads should be your go-to!

Wraps and Therapeutic Boots

Featuring Welltex technology, these medical wraps are trusted by professionals worldwide.

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Sleek and innovative, Back On Track's helmet line is sure to offer you the perfect fit and ultimate protection.

Dog Gear

Man's best friend also deserves some love... get your doggo BOT gear and optimize their comfort!


Back On Track extends beyond fabrics, shop BOT tack here.

Rider Wear

Riders are athletes whose bodies should also be taken care of. Treat yourself to BOT's technological advancements to better your physical health.

In addition to their Welltex technology, Back On Track has developped riding helmets with A Multi Impact Protection System (commonly referred to as MIPS). This advancement provides unmatched protection for the rider's head, which is subject to rotational motion during falls from horses. These kinematics gravely endanger brain tissue, and their impact is mitigated through MIPS helmets' ability to disperse and absorb the fall's rotational energy. What does this prevent? Well, rotational energy has been shown to increase the risk of Diffuse Axonal Injury, Subdural Hematoma and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. Protect your brain, wear MIPS.