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Gathered in a small garage of South Eastern California, a group of friends was taken aback by America's incredible cultural diversity. Motivated to bring people together, the creators of Brixton were inspired by divergent lifestyles. It is people of all backgrounds who inspire the brand, and in turn, Brixton adds a little piece of everyone in their designs. "From mariners and aviators, to cowboys and laborers, and beyond". Brixton is timeless apparel bringing back the charm of the good old days while honoring fashion trends which change as the clock ticks. Brixton is done for all, and it's done proper.

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The Hooligan Snap Cap

The Hooligan Snap Cap offers a timeless look that'll give you that classy allure when you're out and about. Get noticed with the iconic aesthetic of the Hooligan.

The Joanna Sun Hat

The Joanna sun hat is the perfect addition to your Spring and Summer wardrobes. Featuring a casual, yet elegant style, the Joanna offers 50+ UPF protection to limit sun damage and is made of 100% wheat straw.

Brixton is More than Hats

Might as well renew your wardrobe while you're here...

Shirts and Tees

Breathable and stylish, Brixton's shirt and tees selection is sure to fulfill any person's desire for quality summer garments.


Because braving the Canadian cold shouldn't mean we have to give up our sleek aesthetic.

Overalls and Dresses

Sometimes, you just have to step away from two-piece outfits!