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It all started with a quest for materials that would shape to the horse's legs every time. With extensive research, Equifit's president was able to create her designs using materials as seen in protective footwear and military equipment. With the development of T-Foam and ImpacTeq technologies, Equifit is by far one of the most advanced companies to provide gear for horses and riders alike.
Equifit's minimalist esthetic keeps the attention on your horse while significantly ameliorating its performance. This quiet allure compliments rider and horse while letting the latter shine through both at home and in the show ring.

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Equifit Boots

Horse Boots

Protect your horse's legs with some of the most technologically advanced boots on the market.



Make sure your horse is comfortable, and that your tack stays nicely balanced by using Equifit girths.

Horse Pads

Horse Saddle Pads

Well designed saddle pads to protect your horse's back and skin are crucial for performance optimization.


Horse Fly Bonnets

Keep the flies at bay with tasteful, minimalist and functional fly bonnets.


Horse Leg Wear

Equifit offers diverse leg protection options. Explore their collection and find the best leg wear for your horse.

Horse Wear

Horse Wear

Browse Equifit's top-tier horse wear to compliment your ride on a functional level.


Rider's Gear

While the sport is all about the horse, it does a rider good to sometimes think about themselves!

Horse Health

Horse Health

Thoroughly tested, Equifit's horse health line goes beyond prevention by targeting the root cause of recurring concerns.


Equifit Essential

Shop Equifit's notoriously timeless essentials here.

The equestrian world is changing. The focus of the industry is turned towards proper rider and horse turnout and well-groomed appearances. And so, in a world where appearances are key, Equifit offers quiet designs that do nothing but deliver every time. Not only are Equifit products stylish and timeless, but their brilliant use of technology remains unmatched, expanding beyond the scope of the current market.