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Keen is a strong believer that for every decision they make, change is brought upon the world That is why they are set to make decisions that will leave the planet better than it was before them they came. Keen has been on a mission to leave a very light footprint on the planet since 2003, and embarked on a PFC-Free journey 4 years ago. Today, their products are free of these harsh chemicals, an endeavor which takes continuous efforts on the part of the company. Their Consciously Created boots and shoes have been part of so many people's adventures, and all who wear Keen can safely say they've made a decision that will positively affect the planet they so wish to explore. In an effort to provide their customers with the highest quality footwear possible all the while helping the planet, Keen has made so many small steps in the direction of clean production. Together, these steps add up to miles of progress on the road to sustainability.

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Keen Targhee Line

The popularity of the Targhee line has been built on quality and comfort , a combination of which makes them the perfect choice for light to moderate hiking. The line has evolved over time, and the most recent model - the Targhee III - brings back signature comfort and waterproofness with the addition of multi-directional luds for optimal traction. This lightweight line also offer optimized toe protection for those of us who can't take their eye off the scenery!

Ridge Flex

Keen's Ridge Flex collection makes every step three times easier. Expert design allowed Keen to merge their Targhee line with their new BELLOW FLEX technology, offering you unprecedented reduction in energy output for each step you take. The support which the Ridge Flex provides allows the shoe to bend with 60% less energy than your regular hiking boots so you can enjoy easier, longer adventures.

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Stay safe and protect your loved ones by wearing a Keen mask!

Chelsea Boots

Don't trade comfort for style, choose Keen Chelsea boots for your everyday ongoings!

CSA Footwear

Keep 'em feet in one piece by wearing Keen's CSA approved footwear for the heavy jobs.