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Kuhl is one of the few outdoor gear companies that are still privately owned. The company challenges the status quo and refuses to support mediocrity, hence why is is hard at work to continue providing their customers with the highest quality gear - something sometimes hard to achieve for businesses that do not remain privately owned. Not only do their facilities meet very high standards of production, but their products are also built to last. That is a true testament to Kuhl's philosophy: never settle for less.

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Women's Jetstream Trench

The Kuhl Women's Jetstream Trench is a gem of a piece of gear. It features a dropped back hem that offers additional coverage, just like its 34" zipper, which falls right to the knee. The coat has a draw cord around the waistline for a more flattering fit, reflective ribbons for night time visibility as well as a reinforced rim on the hood. It's many functional agrement s make the Jetstream the perfect choice for rainy days.

Stretch Voyagr Jacket

With the arrival of Spring, it only makes sense to jump on the perfect rainy weather wardrobe addition: The Stretch Voyagr Jacket. Incredibly soft and comfortable, it protects you from the elements with optimum breathability. The Voyagr delivers outstanding flexibility and is built to last.

More About Kuhl

An emphasis on movement and anatomy

Every seam, every material and every design is constructed with your freedom of movement in mind.

Kuhl questions everything

Questioning one's current methods is the gateway to improvement.

A privately-owned business

Keeping dealings private so Kuhl only has to answer to YOU.