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Founded in 2003 by esteemed event rider Robert Lemieux, this brand boasts what might be considered one of the finest equine product collections in the world. Highly regarded internationally, the brand makes it a point to continuously create new lines featuring the best materials available and offering customers a wide array of choices when it comes to outfitting both horse and rider. Lemieux is bonnets and polos, riding shirts and saddle pads, and style and novelty. It is the very quality of Lemieux's products that has contributed to the brand's exponential growth, and we are proud to be making these fantastic products available in our store.

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Equine Leg Wear

We all want our horse's legs to stay nice and tight throughout their careers. Lemieux has designed protective leg wear for that exact purpose. With solid materials meant to protect bones and tendons from shock, to designs meant to increase range of movement and materials optimizing ventilation, Lemieux's protective leg wear is ideal for your equine athletes.

Halters and Leads

Lemieux halters are nothing short of wonderful. Their collection ranges from ergonomically-conceived padded leather halters that deliver a sleek look to beautiful, colorful nylon padded halters that are soft on the face and a sight for sore eyes! Shop them here!

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Riders Wear

Lemieux products are just the right fit, just the right color, and just the right design... every time.


Lemieux's grooming kits make brush and product organization much more pleasant, and a sophisticated touch to your storage methods.

Everything Else!

Lemieux boasts produts that extend far beyond rider and horse wear. The brand also offers blankets, saddle covers and accessories!