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At Patagonia, we appreciate that all life on earth is under threat of extinction. We’re using the resources we have—our business, our investments, our voice and our imaginations—to do something about it. Building the best product rests on function, repairability, and, foremost, durability. Among the most direct ways we can limit ecological impacts is with goods that last for generations or can be recycled so the materials in them remain in use. For us, making the best product matters for saving the planet.

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Patagonia guarantees everything they make.

Patagonia products are built to endure, because they know prioritizing durability results in consuming less energy, wasting less water and creating less trash. If you are not satisfied with one of their products, return it to Patagonia for a repair, replacement or refund.


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Diggin' Deeper

Everything we make has an impact on people and the planet

98% of Patagonia’s products are made with recycled material

88% of Patagonia’s products are Fair Trade Certified sewn.

100% of Patagonia’s down is responsibly sourced.