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PS of Sweden

Since the creation of its first anatomical bridle in 2013, PS of Sweden has produced over 30 different bridle models, each tailored to offer the best fit possible for your horse. 30 models might seem like a lot, but founder Karin Bjärle is determined to pursue innovation, and to do so thinking outside the box. PS of Sweden not only pursues excellence in the manufacturing of high quality bridles, which promote harmony between rider and horse, the company has also grown into offering specialty products ranging from saddle pads to rider apparel.

Main Categories

Fly Hood

Fly Bonnets

Save your horse the hassle of fighting off flies and procure yourself a gorgeous PS of Sweden bonnet.

Dressage Pad

Dressage Saddle Pads

The company's iconic stop cushions allow the saddle pad to stay in place gracefully throughout your entire ride.

Jump Pads

Jump Saddle Pads

PS of Sweden's jumping pads are designed to avoid the hassle of straps, and are guaranteed not to twirl around while you're jumping.

Polo Wraps

Polo Wraps

Protect and support your horse's tendons using PS of Sweden's polo collection... and enjoy a put together look in the process!


Shop bridles designed for optimal communication between horse and rider and unmatched comfort for your equine partner.

Horse Boots

Horse Boots

Designed with durability and style in mind, PS of Sweden horse boots will protect your horse's legs without compromising a sleek aesthetic.

Riding Tops

Riding Tops

When it comes to riding tops, PS of Sweden sets the standard within the industry with its unmatched color palette and quality materials.

Riding Pants

Riding Breeches

Fashion forward, PS of Sweden breeches feature delicate seams that are ideal to avoid friction with your saddle.


Riding Accessories

Add some "umpf" to your riding outfits with PS of Sweden's accessories!

With its biggest clientele being located in the United States, PS of Sweden has also grown in popularity in several European countries. The company is trusted by amateur riders and Olympians alike, and despite it's current success, founder Karin still believes the company to hold remarkable potential. As she likes to say: "the sky is the limit"!