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Toad & Co had a humble beginning, like most businesses. In 1991, based out of her own garage in Telluride, Colorado, one woman began by handmaking toques for her friends. It wasn’t until 1995 that the first ever Horny Toad store opened its doors, contributing to a product line expansion that now included fleece vests and jackets. Two years later, the emerging company partnered with Search, Inc. to co-found the Planet Access Company, a logistics warehouse that provides career opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities. By the time 1998 came around, the Planet Access Company employs up to 70 adults with disabilities each year in paid, train-to-work opportunities. The company has since gone on to form several meaningful alliances with associations that strive for change. This is why, in 2015, Horny Toad became Toad & Co – to better reflect the companies values and its incentive to partner up with organizations that encourage the betterment of society. Toad & Co participates in the cleaning of public lands, the support of volunteer local disability awareness groups and is part of the 1% for the Planet Alliance. Toad & Co believes that the sustainability route is the ONLY route, especially considering the fact that the apparel industry is the fourth largest polluter of air and water on Earth. Minimizing their environmental impact and helping clean up the apparel industry is an integral part of their business ethos.

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Women's Epique Short Sleeve Dress

The Toad & Co Women's Epique Short Sleeve Dress offers a casual, lived-in look with its washed style. This hoodie dress has a boxy allure and offers UPF 40+ protection and practical kangaroo pockets. By far one of our best sellers, the Epique Short Sleeve dress is a wardrobe must-have.

The Toad & Co Men's Collection

There is no reason sustainable fashion shouldn't be available to all. Toad & Co caters to all genders when it comes to producing ethical and sustainable garments that are fashionable and timeless.

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