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Not many places in the world would fail to recognize Victorinox’s iconic red pocket knife. A timeless classic, the Swiss Army Knife embodies adventure and experimentation. This is exactly what Karl Elsener had in mind when he first launched the original Officer’s knife 125 years ago. The knife has since then encouraged discovery and independence, an attitude about life where humans fix things on their own and answer the call for adventure. Victorinox has, in the last 125, grown into the largest pocket knife supplier in the world. Based in Ibach, Switzerland, the brand sources its metals from Germany and France, and has recently assumed ownership of Wenger; allowing it to be sole supplier of multi-purpose knifes to the Swiss army. Captivatingly enough, the company’s long-lived knife production led the way for a business expansion which allowed Victorinox to manufacture travel gear and accessories as well as a wide array of watches.

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The Swiss Army Knife

The Swiss Army knife is so much more than a blade; it's an attitude. Featuring 6 stainless steel tools, this knife offers a knife blade, scissors, nail file with screwdriver tip, toothpick, and tweezers. While the knife includes several tools, it remains compact and sturdy, and is thus easily stored.
The steal used to make this knife renders it more durable than most marketed pocket knives. Sourcing their metals from Germany and France, Victorinox uses a special blend of alloy to manufacture the Swiss Army Knife. The martensitic steel variety presents a high percentage of Chromium, reducing the risk of corrosion. Furthermore, each blade is thoroughly treated with heat to ensure its hardness.

The Huntsman

The Huntsman elegantly brings a touch of functionality to your life by hiding 13 practical tools into its slim frame. This lightweight companion is ideal for pockets as well as toolboxes, and is the ideal tool to bring on your adventures.

For the Broken and Lost Parts...

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Scissors Repair Kit

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Replacement Part Kit

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Mini Tool Fireant

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