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Weaver's roots in the equine industry run deep. Handcrafting the highest quality products from the finest materials is in our blood. It’s Their heritage and passion they wouldn’t have it any other way!
Today, Weaver keeps the values of their past in mind while looking to the future. The team at Weaver is committed to upholding the quality standards They're known for while continually innovating to meet the needs of the modern horse enthusiast. From rugged tack you can depend on day in and day out to cutting-edge products you can only get from Weaver Leather, when you Ride the Brand®, you ride for a heritage of quality and dependability.

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Weaver Miracle Collar

Break your horse’s destructive cribbing cycle with the one and only, original Miracle Collar® that is guaranteed to humanely and effectively prevent cribbing. The anatomically-correct fit applies pressure only when your horse attempts to crib, so it can be used while eating, drinking, and grazing to maximize its effectiveness.

AirFlex Technology

Patented, state-of-the-art performance cinches are popular among cutting, roping, cow horse, barrel, reining and trail rider. Unique white cool flex foam does not absorb heat like black neoprene. Distinctive molded airflow channels maximize airflow circulation and provide breathability and ideal flexibility

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