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Horse-TackSaddlesArena All Purpose Saddle - Brown

Arena All Purpose Saddle - Brown




Product description

From the bridle-path to the training arena, you will feel balanced and supported in the thoughtfully designed Arena All Purpose saddle. Whether schooling in flat-work, jumping, or simply riding the local trails, the beautiful Arena All Purpose has been carefully developed with you and your horse’s comfort in mind.

Arena saddles feature all of the benefits of Horse and Rider Technology… we call this HART.
Precision custom fit… EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution

Together, the EASY-CHANGE Gullet System and the EASY-CHANGE Riser System offer
a total fitting solution for their horse’s absolute comfort and their peace of mind.
All adjustments are measurable, symmetrical and completely reversible, ensuring total
confidence in their ability to custom fit their saddle to their horse’s changing shape, for
optimal comfort and performance.

Protective cushioning... CAIR Cushion System
The revolutionary CAIR Cushion System is the ultimate in cushioning and protection
for their horse. Air constantly adapts to the horse’s working muscles distributing their
weight evenly, virtually eliminating pressure points. This extraordinary comfort results
in freer movement, better carriage, and a happier horse. For such a simple concept,
the dramatic difference the CAIR Cushion System makes to their horse’s comfort and
performance is profound.

Ergonomic flex… Elastiflex Tree
Supported by an EASY-CHANGE Gullet, the Elastiflex Tree maintains clearance over
their horse’s wither with superior lateral flexion that works with their horse’s muscular
movement with every stride.
Precision engineered to be lightweight, symmetrical and ultra-durable, the Elastiflex
Tree is guaranteed against breakage for the lifetime of their saddle (under normal
riding conditions), deemed to be 10 years.

Free movement… Performance panel technology
Super-soft, wipe-clean panels designed from technical materials are comfortable for your
horse, long-lasting and easy for you to clean! Designed to ensure a large footprint on their
horse’s back, the performance panels maximize the weight bearing surface of the saddle
and result in a reduction in pressure and increased comfort for their horse. The wide and
even chamber, coupled with performance panels, support their horse’s working muscles
and maximize movement in their shoulder area. Complementary technologies for their
horse’s comfort include the world-leading billet systems.

Superior rider performance… Comfort seat technology
Sink into the multi-layered foams of exacting densities for instantaneous comfort and
support of their optimal position. Enjoy the narrow waist, anatomically shaped for
closer contact and complementary technologies for their comfort, including
world-leading stirrup bar and support block systems to precision-tailor support for
their riding position.

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