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Digestion & Gut Health Supplement – Equine Choice Pre/Probiotic Paste




Product description



What is so unique about Equine Choice product?

Equine Choice Prebiotic-Probiotics uses advanced technology encapsulating saccharomyces cerevisiae (live yeast probiotic). The encapsulation technique protects the live cells from stomach acid degradation and is delivered intact to the hind gut together with other beneficial organisms of Bacillus Subtilis and Licheniformis. The product is formulated to assist all areas of digestion; providing important digestive enzymes to efficiently break down food ingesta and add dietary supplementation of amino-acids L-Glutamine and L-Threonine, B-vitamins, Vitamin E and key sources of beta-glucans - all very important elements to support intestinal health.   We also carry a stomach ulcer support product Acix FX often used in combination to provide total coverage to optimize health of the entire gastro-intestinal tract.


What are Prebiotics and Probiotics?

Probiotics are organisms that effect a positive response on the digestive tract.

Prebiotics play an important role as a food source for probiotics and may play a role in displacing pathogenic bacteria that attach to and break down the mucosal lining. Probiotics are the driving force to establish a PH friendly environment to maintain healthy gut flora for efficient digestive performance.  By optimizing the nutrient absorption rate of the intestinal tract, the body is able to better utilize important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients such as Volatile Fatty Acids - a main energy source for the horse.   Prebiotics and probiotics also support a tight, healthy intestinal lining that filters out damaging microorganisms and toxins that can otherwise be absorbed into the blood stream causing toxic reactions, colic and laminitis via "leaky gut".


Why feed Prebiotic-Probiotics?

In today's world of depleted soils and lack of plant diversity, the domesticated horse relies on a handful of feedstuffs including grazing pastures and hay fields harvested by man.  In contrast, studies recording feral horses' diets included over 101 grass, shrub and flower species consumed to provide important nutrients and enzymes though diet diversity. Journal of Range Management, Dietary Relationships among Feral Horses, Cattle, and Pronghorn in Southeastern Oregon MICHAEL L. MCINNIS AND MARTIN VAVRA   

An unhealthy gut can lead to poor performance and development, poor nutrient intake, colonic ulcers, leaky gut, colic and endotoxin release into the blood stream, secondary laminitic changes and overall decline in immune system, disease control. Equine Choice has formulated a balanced and viable product sourcing prebiotic-probiotics, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes to supplement closer to what a feral horse's natural diet might supply and to combat work and stress levels of today's domesticated horse.


What's in Equine Choice Pre-Probiotics?

Our product has been carefully formulated to supplement what is often lacking in the horse's diet today:

  • Prebiotics - MOS containing beta-glucans. Research indicates MOS plays an important role controlling pathogenic bacteria like E-coli, salmonella and clostridium from overpopulating the hind gut allowing beneficial micro-bacteria to flourish instead. Beta-glucans enhance the immune system;  vitamin absorption occurs in the intestinal tract and is directly related to healthy gut function. Beta-glucans also promote repair of intestinal lining to keep the mucosal membrane tight with filtering properties to keep dangerous toxins from crossing over into the blood.

Viable sources of beta-glucans (prebiotic) are provided from inactive yeast cell wall material and oat bran.


  • Digestive Enzymes

When excess starch and sugars from grains or from excess intake of hay and grasses reach the hind gut, fermentation by non-beneficial bacteria is accelerated and excess lactic acid is produced. This increase in lactic acid changes the PH and hind gut Lactic ACIDOSIS occurs. Pathogenic bacteria thrive. Chronic acidity damages and ulcerates the mucosal lining of the cecum and large colon. Poisonous endotoxins are produced as the good microbes die off under such acidic conditions and these toxins permeate into the blood stream. Water and electrolyte absorption decreases.  These changes play a part in dehydration, loose stools, weight loss, poor hair coat, loss of topline muscle, reduced immunity, colic, laminitis, and poor performance.

Digestive enzymes added to our product work to break down starch, sugar and protein components so that they are readily absorbed up front, in the small intestine as nature intended and do not spill over to the hind gut where they can cause ACIDOSIS and secondary issues.


  • Probiotic  Saccharomyces Cerevisiae. The encapsulated form of live yeast has been shown to have good transit efficacy reaching the hind gut without de-naturing. 
  • Additional viable sources of Bacillus Subtilis and Licheniformis to further improve digestibility
  • Amino acids: L-glutamine aids in supporting the healing of mucosal lining. L-threonine is one of the limiting essential amino acids lacking in the equine diet and completes the amino acid profiling
  • Key Vitamins focussing on the hind gut. Eight B Vitamins support unhealthy gut environments where B vitamin absorption has been marginalized, yet critical to many vital systems of the horse and their hoof quality. Vitamin E acts as a vital anti-oxidant and sufficient levels require less scavenger clean up by selenium


How should I store Equine Choice Pre-Probiotics?

The dry granular form is very stable and can withstand warm and cold storage provided product is sealed from moisture.  Paste should not be frozen as it may clog the nozzle making it very difficult to dispense. We recommend keeping dry granular and paste in a dry environment out of direct sunlight. Granular and past product have a 2 year shelf life from date of manufacture.


How should I feed product?

Dry Granular should always be TOP DRESSED just PRIOR to feeding to prevent long term exposure to moisture contact.  Be sure to introduce granular into feed VERY SLOWLY so that horse acclimatizes to smell and taste.

Paste can be syringed orally into the horse's mouth, dialing the correct volume on the tube as per card instructions.


Which horses benefit from Equine Choice Pre-Probiotics?
Young foals with scours, developing young horses that need optimal nutrient intake, normal gut flora development, immune system building

Adult working horses, poor immunity, physical and psychological changes, training, injury, laminitis

Metabolic compromised horses- IR, EMS, Cushings

Performance and endurance horses under stress and heavy work load

Diet transitioning, deworming, vaccination, antibiotic use, any change in routine

Senior horses or horses predisposed to poor gut health, immunity


Expanded Application Guide

Off feed (in appetite for hay, grain, water)

Need weight gain and top line muscling

Digestive Upset, loose stools, diarrhea

After ingestion of molds or toxins

Colic (preventive and chronic treatment)

Emergency treatment of colic, before and after colic surgery

Colonic Ulcers (plus Acid FX)

Prevent/Treat Hind Gut Lactic Acidosis

Tying up programs for ER, PSSM, EPSM

Pre-race program (plus Acid FX)

Endurance horses (plus Acid FX)

Show/Performance horses (plus Acid FX)

Fitting sale or conformation horses

Trailer Hauling (plus Acid FX)

Long distance shipping (plus Acid FX)

Retired race horses (plus Acid FX)

Senior horses (body condition/top line)

During/after antibiotic treatment/deworming

Broodmare (pre-foaling through lactation)

Foals- first 10 days/promote dry feed intake

Pre/post weaning/DOD/Growth problems

"Gutty" poor doer weanlings and yearlings

Breeding stallions (weight maintenance)

Laminitic horses (acute and chronic)*  *in combination with strict carbohydrate diet control

Chronic foot problems*  * in combination with diet address

Horses with IR, EMS, Cushings*  * in combination with strict dietary carb control

Optimize low quality hay/high ADF/NDF

Rescue and emaciated horses

Horses sensitive to fructan (hay sugar) changes

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