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Grooming is an everyday thing. In fact, some people spend more time pampering their horse than actually riding them. Weither you're a professional groom, a lesson student or an adult ammy, Apple Saddlery stocks just the right tools to bring an "umpf to your grooming sessions! Make grooming a ritual by implementing the highest quality tools and products which Apple Saddlery has to offer.

Main Categories

Grooming Tools

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They key to a good grooming session hangs in the hands of the groom. That being said, we'd be lying if we affirmed that exceptional results could not also be attributed to good tools...

Grooming Sprays

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Condition, detangle and polish your equine friend's coat using one (or many!) of Apple Saddlery's top tier grooming sprays.

Grooming Gels

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Gels are a great way to detangle and polish your horse's coat, and are ideal for horses who would prefer not to get sprayed.

Grooming Shampoo's

Shop Horse Shampoos

Our broad selection of shampoos allows you to customize your horse's bathing regimen and target specific results. From medicated shampoos to color enhancers and regular shampoos, we work hard to keep our shelves stocked up in the finest equine shampoos.

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Shop all Grooming Supplies

Grooming your horse can be that much less fun if you aren't equipped with appropriate supplies. Stock up on the essentials here.

Grooming Bags

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An equestrian reaches a point in life where a small plastic bag isn't enough to carry all the grooming tools and sprays they've accumulated. In these events, said equestrian would love a grooming bag to keep their supplies neat and organized.

Hoof Products

Shop Hoof Products

Whether you're looking to polish your horse's feet for a show, wanting to deeply moisturize the hooves or prevent bacteria buildup, Apple Saddlery stocks products for all matters pertaining to hooves.

Clipping Supplies

Shop Clipping Supplies

It's not like the fluff is bad. In fact, fluffy ponies are most adorable. It's jut that sometimes, the fluff has to go. Get your horse lookin' sharp every season using our clipping supplies!


Shop Braiding/Showing

There's a divide: Yarn vs. Elastics. Well, no matter which camp you chose, we're geared up to provide you with any braiding products you might need.

Apple Saddlery's tack department is proud to offer the equestrians of Canada the best grooming products available today. Stock up on the essentials and find the specialty products in our aisles and online store!