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Apple Saddlery is happy to provide Canadian men with top of the line outdoor gear. Our unique selection of award-winning brands offers a wide range of styles that allow the mountain men and ranchers as well as the white collar crowd to find several things in common: quality, diversity... and toughness. We are also proud to encourage the male equestrian's endeavors by stocking select products that are guaranteed to turn some heads both in the warmup... and the roundup!

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Apple Saddlery is known for its aisles full of outdoor and work clothes. We make it a point to stock up on anything an outdoorsman, cowboy, rider or man of the trades might need year-round. Not only is our inventory constantly being refreshed to make sure we keep up with the demand, but we carefully select our products to give you nothing but the best.

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The gals shouldn't be the only one having access to top-notch riding gear. We stock up on our horsemen's favorites too!

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