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To blanket or not to blanket, that is the question. Simple answer is no. But thanks to human intervention its a little more difficult than that now. Is your horse inside and clipped? Your horse will need a blanket when outside. Does your horse live outside 24/7 and make a really nice winter coat? Your horse does not need a blanket. Is your horse old and a hard keeper? Your horse needs a blanket. Every horse is different which means they all will need a different blanketing regime.

Blanket Weights

Flysheets are designed to keep those pesky flys, mosquitos, and bugs off your horse. Made of mesh, they are very breathable, but still offer good protection froom the bugs and some even offer UV protection.
Stable Blankets
Stable blankets are used as a form of extra warmth. They range in weights from 50g to 450g. They can be used solo in a stable or be layered with a turnout and used outside.
Rainsheets are a lightweight 0g fill Turnout rug. They provide a waterproof covering for your horse. You can use this alone or layer on top of a stable rug.
Lightweight Turnout
Turnout blankets range from 50g to 100g of fill.
Midweight Turnouts
Midweight turnout blankets range from 150g to 250g of fill.
Heavy Weight Turnouts
Heavy Weight turnout blankets range from 300g to 500g of fill.


To measure your horse for a blanket, start at the center of your horse’s chest and run a cloth tape measure along his side to the center of tail. Include the widest part of his shoulder, and keep the tape measure level and taut (we suggest having a friend help you). Take this measurement and deduct 4"/10cm, this is your horses true measurement. If you are in between sizes go up.

A well-fitting blanket will keep your horse warm and comfy, but an ill-fitting blanket can restrict movement, cause rubs, shift, or get tangled. Test the blanket’s fit by watching your horse walk and graze in it. These natural movements will highlight flaws in the fit.

Blanketing Temperature Chart

Here is a very basic blanketing guide to follow. Like humans, every horse is different. Some run hotter than other and some run cooler! So following a basic guideline allows you to customize according to what your horse is showing you!

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