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Sore No More Performance ULTRA Liniment


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Product Description

Intense training, traveling, and competition are only a few of the stresses that we put on our horse's muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and cartilage. During these times of stress, risk of injury is greatly increased if muscles, tendons, and joints are not loose and supple before and after work. Sore No-More® has become world renowned for its ability to sooth and relax tight muscles, naturally. And because of its 100% natural, arnica-based formula, Sore No-More® is the only liniment on the market that can be applied both before and after workouts to help reduce the risk of injury, without fear of burning the skin.


Sore No-More® Performance Ultra is specially designed for the hardest working equine athletes during periods of abnormally high stress or injury and when old injuries flair up. Sore No-More® Performance Ultra is formulated at clinical strength for the fastest and most highly effective results in decreasing inflammation, increasing circulation, and minimizing pain during these times. This highly concentrated topical analgesic is the most effective way to get your horse back to peak performance, quickly. And because Sore No-More® Performance Ultra is part of the Sore No-More® Performance family, it is formulated without Lobelia and, like all Sore No-More® products, is never formulated with Capsaicin. Even at clinical strength, Sore No-More® Performance Ultra is the safest choice for the most sensitive skinned horses and horses competing under FEI regulatory guidelines. That means you and your equine athlete can compete worry free at even the highest levels of competition and under the hardest of stress.


Sore No-More® Performance Ultra also has an invigorating new ginger scent! Sore No-More® Classic has become well known for its fresh and vibrant signature lavender scent that is also the signature scent of Sore No-More® Performance. This new, stimulating and warm scent of ginger in Sore No-More® Performance Ultra will not only refresh your senses but your horse will smell great too!


When your horse experiences trauma, injury, or stresses outside of your normal routine, trade out your Sore No-More® Classic or Sore No-More® Performance for Sore No-More® Performance Ultra and see how effectively this clinical strength, ultra concentrated formula gets your horse back to peak performance.


Sore No-More® Performance Ultra Liniment is the most versatile liniment on the market, now in a clinical strength formula. This 100% herbal, arnica-based liniment is lobelia and capsaicin free to give you the most highly effective topical analgesic for any competition level.

Sore No-More® Performance Ultra Gelotion -this thicker version of Sore No-More® Performance Ultra provides a clinical strength formula in an easy to apply, gel-lotion form. The 100% herbal, arnica-based formula is lobelia and capsaicin free, so you can apply worry free it before and after you ride and compete at any level.

Sore No-More® Performance Ultra Poultice -Our world renowned, silky-smooth poultice in a clinical strength formula that's as easy to remove as it is to apply. Our specially blended bentonite clay formula is 100% herbal and arnica-based so you can compete, worry free, at the highest of levels.

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