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Horse-TackBitsStubben Golden Wings Double Jointed Snaffle Bit - 14mm

Stubben Golden Wings Double Jointed Snaffle Bit - 14mm


5 1/4"
5 3/4"


Product description

The Stubben Golden Wings Snaffle is gentle, sensitive,100% pinchless, and does not produce a "nutcracker" effect in the horse's mouth. The safeguard "Golden Wings" plates offer maximum protection on the corners of the horse's mouth, while ensuring proper positioning of the bit at all times. The Golden Wings bit creates a rein effect that enhances communicaiton by giving benifits of indirect rein - it works directly on the lips and corners of the mouth on the turning side, while indirectly on the lips and bars on the side away from the turning hand. this provides a gentle correction to resistance to direct rein. The copper mouth piece promotes salivation and responsiveness in the horse. Good for  inexperienced to advanced horses.

Ring- Ø: 70 mm - 2 3/4"
Thickness: 14 mm
With Sweet Copper Mouth
International article number: 2262

Benefits of a Golden Wings Snaffle Bit:
- The ultimate safeguard for your horse's mouth 
- 100% Pinchless - Gentle and Sensitive 
- No nutcracker effect 
- Enables rider to give a direct response from the outside of the horse's mouth. 
- Large discs (safeguard plates) offer optimal protection to horse's mouth, especially the corners. 
- Combines the advantages of a loose ring snaffle with the direct yet gentle action from outside on the horse’s mouth. 
- The discs (safeguard plates) ensure that the bit always remains in the correct position in the horse's mouth. 
- The Golden Wing snaffle is easily accepted, especially by inexperienced horses. International article number:

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